A Bristol Hypnotherapist’s Journey

I know from my own experience just how powerful hypnotherapy can be.

When my first marriage broke down, I found myself alone and nearly paralysed with anxiety and stress. I tried hypnotherapy more or less in desperation because I felt that at least it might help me relax, even if it did nothing else. Fortunately, it did far, far more than that – leading me from a place of dread and uncertainty to one of happiness and strength.

As the sunshine began to flow back into my own life, I found I wanted to know more about this fascinating therapy, and how it could help others near me, in Bristol realise their own potential. And that’s why I want to share it with you now – so that you too can make friends with your own mind and take back control of your emotions quickly, easily and effectively.

image of Bristol hypnotherapist Carolyn Taylor
“I love working with Carolyn, her hypnosis sessions are so powerful, the way she dances you down into a real working trance with the most gentle hypnotic voice supporting you in every step. Every session leaves me feeling so relaxed and comfortable. I have complete trust in her.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Is it really possible to change habits and beliefs?

Yes. Your brain is remarkably changeable – you’re learning and growing all the time, as you can see from your experiences in your normal, every-day life.

With a little help, it’s possible to focus this learning and growth in just the right places so that you can let go of negative, destructive thoughts or beliefs that are limiting you, and create new ones that give you more freedom and satisfaction.

This creation of new, more empowering beliefs and ideas, and this whole process of changing pathways in your mind is known as neuroplasticity, and it’s the basis of all therapies. In hypnotherapy, it’s possible to achieve this more quickly because we can communicate directly with your subconscious mind and invite its co-operation right from the start.

Will I know what’s happening?

Will I be able to control it? Yes. You are aware of everything that happens throughout the session, just very pleasantly relaxed. You can stop the session at any time, should you need to, and you can pause it to make any changes as well – if you find you’re too cold or too hot, for example.

Nothing can happen against your will, any more than it could in any situation where you’re simply comfortably at ease. And even if I did somehow manage to suggest an idea or belief your subconscious mind disagreed with, it would simply reject it.

The main job of your subconscious mind to protect you and keep you safe. And it will continue to do exactly that throughout the hypnosis session, while we ask it to look for even better, more appropriate, and even more empowering ways to do so.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Anyone can be hypnotised, providing that they want to be – but nobody can be hypnotised against their will.

Like all skills, the more you do it, the easier it becomes, which is one of the reasons I give you specially composed hypno-meditations to listen to between sessions. They will make it even easier for you to relax both physically and mentally.

Everyone’s experience is different though. Some people experience it as a light level of hypnotic trance, and are a little disappointed that they don’t ‘go deep’. Others, zone out completely into a happy daydream. In practice, it makes no difference to therapy – it’s simply how you experience it personally, not what’s actually happening. And you can be assured that, however you feel, change is taking place.

What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

You’ll notice that you feel nicely relaxed - very much like that state you’re in when you’re so pleasantly comfortable that you “Just can’t be bothered,” to get up and do anything.

In this deeply relaxed state, you can to tap into your subconscious mind easily and effortlessly, and your subconscious mind can receive and accept new, positive and creative ideas which will help you make the changes you want to make – without the need for willpower, and without relying on self-control or positive thinking.

Will I reveal any secrets?

No. You are in charge and you won’t do or say anything in hypnosis that you wouldn’t normally do or say.

At all stages in your sessions - from the beginning, right to end, including when you’re in hypnosis -we only ever talk about what you want to talk about.

It’s completely up to you to how much you feel comfortable with, and if you prefer, for any reason, to not even say what the problem is, then you don’t have to. It’s absolutely possible to do hypnotherapy without knowing any of the details – it’s known as content-free therapy.

Is hypnotherapy different if it’s done online?

Online hypnotherapy sessions, usually via Zoom, are just as effective as working together face-to-face and follow the same approach. It’s a safe, useful and convenient alternative, especially if you’re restricted in any way - time, location, work or family commitments, or have a medical condition that makes accessibility difficult.

I’ll send you full, detailed instructions when you book. You can use a laptop, tablet or phone, and using Zoom itself couldn't be easier - you just need a reliable internet connection and a quiet, comfortable place to relax where you won’t be disturbed. I send you a secure link for each session which only you have access to - just click on the link to join your session.

If you’re wondering, “What happens if the connection drops out”, the answer is - nothing drastic. You’ll notice the silence after a few minutes, wonder what’s happened, and become fully awake and aware again. It happens only very rarely these days, but it might occasionally mean rescheduling the session at no extra charge.


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